EP 7 Lebanese with Toufic

In this episode of Anna Gare’s Cab Fare, I meet father-of-three Toufic who drives cabs in Sydney. I learn what he loves most about driving, and cook up his recipe for delicious Lebanese stuffed zucchinis. I prepare a beautiful Middle Eastern dessert and later, surprise Toufic and his young family with sweet treats at home!

Ep7 Anna Gare's Cab Fare Lebanese Stuffed Zucchini66.jpg

TOUFIC’S Lebanese Stuffed Zucchinis (Koussa)

Meat hidden in veggies, who would’ve thought? The kids won’t know what hit them when they get a taste of these. They are delicious!



This cheesy dessert is like nothing you’ve ever tasted. It’s like a warm cheesecake served with a sweet sugar syrup and pistachios.

Ep7 Anna Gare's Cab Fare Lebanese Stuffed Zucchini67.jpg

Middle Eastern Flatbread

These are so super-simple to make, you’ll never buy from the shops again. Keep an eye out for my simple trick on how to flip these pillows of goodness onto a plate.