EP 6 Somalian with Omar

In this episode of Anna Gare’s Cab Fare, while travelling in Melbourne I meet Somalian driver Omar. I try my hand at making his traditional sweet and savoury pancakes, turn the heat up in the kitchen with an intense chilli sauce and later, sit down with Omar and his family to enjoy a feast fit for a king.

Ep6 Anna Gare's Cab Fare Somali Pancakes31.jpg

Omar’s Malawah (Sweet Somali Pancake)

These pancakes are amazing. They were inspired by the traditional Somali pancake that is enjoyed in Somalia and can be eaten at any meal time, sweet and savoury.

Ep6 Anna Gare's Cab Fare Somali Veg43.jpg

Somali-Inspired Roasted Vegetables

This colourful medley of vegetables are traditionally served with the sweet Somali pancake, Malawah and accoutrements such as hot sauce.

It also goes well with any kind of roast meat - try it next time you cook up some lamb

Ep6 Anna Gare's Cab Fare Somali Chilli Sauce40.jpg

Anna’s Somali-Inspired Hot Chilli Sauce

This sauce is hot to trot and one of the first thing I go for when i want to put a bit of kick into a dish that needs some punch. I make up a big batch and then put it in jars and keep in the fridge so it’s always on hand.