EP 5 Vegan with Gregg

In this episode of Anna Gare’s Cab Fare, I meet Greg, a Driver from Newcastle with a heart of gold! I cook up Greg’s delicious vegan bolognese inspired by his daughter and whip up some magic meringues with a secret ingredient! Later, I join Greg and his family at home to get the final verdict.

Ep5 Anna Gare's Cab Fare Vegan dishes 37.jpg

Greg’s Vegan Lentil Bolognese

I can’t believe it I’m cooking vegan! You won’t believe how tasty this recipe is AND how healthy you’ll feel after eating it. Inspired by Greg’s adorable teenage daughter, this bolognese is so yummy.

Where’s the cheese you ask? Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten it at all. I’ve tucked in a recipe for vegan parmesan that passes with flying colours for the real thing and no cows got milked in the process.

If you want to check Greg’s daughter Malika’s instagram it’s HERE https://www.instagram.com/be_wholesome_

Ep5 Anna Gare's Cab Fare Vegan Salad41.jpg

Quinoa Detox Salad

Simple, fast and healthy this quinoa salad will fill you up and can be eaten with any meal. All made with a box grater. How good is that!

Ep5 Anna Gare's Cab Fare Vegan Meringues59.jpg

Chickpea Meringues with Coconut Cream and Raspberries

Vegan dessert you say? Impossible to make vegan meringues you say? I laugh in the face of adversity you disbelievers.

This will blow your mind!