EP 4 Feast from the middle east with Karim

In this episode of Anna Gare’s Cab Fare, I meet Sydney cab driver Karim. I learn about his tumultuous journey to Australia from Afghanistan to Indonesia and his treacherous fifteen day journey to Australia in a leaky fishing boat, all to provide a new life for his wife and eight children. Things get spicy in the kitchen when I recreate Karim’s beautifully fragrant rice recipe for Kabuli Palau. Later, I break bread with Karim’s family as I’m welcomed into their home and serve up a taste of the Middle East.

Ep4 Anna Gare's Cab Fare Afghani Lamb Kabuli Palau49.jpg

Karim's Lamb Kabuli Palau

It’s Afghanistan’s National dish! An amazing creation of tender buttery lamb, carrots and juicy raisins with the crunch of pistachios and almonds and served on a Middle Eastern bed of rice. There’s a few steps but if i can pull it off, you can too!

Ep4 Anna Gare's Cab Fare Afghani Yoghurt Sauce59.jpg

Cucumber Yoghurt Sauce

Every spicy lamb dish needs a cool side-kick. The superb accompaniment to the Lamb Kabuli Palau and a super sauce that every budding chef should know how to make. One taste and you’ll be smearing this on everything. It’s a great dipping sauce too!

Everyone should have a dish like this in their repertiore.


Citrus Fruit Salad with Orange Blossom Syrup

So easy and so pretty you will not believe it. I love doing this with all of the different citrus fruits that I can grab my hands on. Oranges, grapefruits, mandarins and even the occasional lime make their way into this dish. The simple sugar syrup with vanilla bean and cardamon is out of this world.