EP 3 Cambodian dinner with hi lay

In this episode of Anna Gare’s Cab Fare, I meet Hi Lay, a Melbourne driver all the way from Cambodia. I’ll recreate Hi Lay’s delicious roast eggplant recipe and make a perfectly balanced sweet and sour soup inspired from Hi Lay’s childhood. Later, I surprise Hi Lay and see if my cooking gets a thumbs-up from the creator herself.


Hi Lay’s Roasted Eggplant with Fried Pork

One of Hi Lay’s favourite dishes to eat at home when she’s short on time and is after something amazing.

A simple and tasty dish with all the flavours of Cambodia.

Ep3 Anna Gare's Cab Fare Cambodian Prawn Salad 6.jpg

Cambodian-Style Green Mango and Prawn Salad

A super simple fresh and healthy salad using green mangos and prawns with a kick on mint and chilli to make it a summer flavour sensation.

Ep3 Anna Gare's Cab Fare Cambodian Sweet & Sour Soup 10.jpg

Cambodian Sweet and Sour Fish Soup

This light dish is a nod to the Cambodian-style sweet and sour soup that Hilay eats at home and sometimes serves to guests.

Any white fish such as red emperor or barramundi or whiting or snapper are good example of firm white sustainable fish to use in this soup